The Sureseal Warranty – Not Just a Guarantee Thanks to the skill, the care and the research that goes into our products we offer one of the best Warranties in the business. Every part of our Product is Guaranteed for a full 10 years against any defect in materials or workmanship. “We list the inclusions not the exclusions” From the date of installation we will carry out free of charge such work as is necessary to rectify any fault taht is the result of defective materials or workmanship.
This includes: Fittings (Which are not normally covered at all) Double Glazed Units (Which are normally covered for 5 years) Sealants (Which are normally covered for only 2 years) PVCU Frames (Normally 10 years) Fixtures and Screws (Normally 2 years) Handles, Hinges and Locks (Normally 2 years)

The benefits are clear with RRSA Repair, Replacement, Service Agreement Unexpected damage to your Sureseal products may happen at any time it can be expensive and inconvenient. For total peace of mind our Customer Services department are only a phone call away. Storm, accidental damage, unlawful or malicious damage. (In fact any damage or repair situation involving damage to any product you have purchased from us is covered.) Speedy repairs or replacement are just a phone call away, just call Customer Services on 0800 233 5576
Complete peace of mind only £85 per annum.
No need to involve your Insurance Company
And above all no delays!

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